About Us

Styled by Retro is a online marketplace of curated vintage aesthetic providers and designers that we believe align with our mission of restoring iconic classic themes to our streetwear, but at a designer grade quality. 

Our independent sellers that sell using the Styled by Retro Marketplace are those that provide quality and aesthetics that match this mission, and we bring them together in one place. 

Our production takes place in a number of places across South-East Asia (Phillipines, Thailand, Vietnam) and Europe (Portugal, France, Italy).

This switch comes from intially trying to manufacture only in the USA. We found that our suppliers were low quality, expensive for our customers, and often led to complaints on both those reasons. In contrast, manufacturing technology in the east and in certain areas of Europe is far superior if the right factories are identified. The vast majority of high street designer brands are manufactored overseas for this reason. 

We are profoundly pleased with the boost to our quality this has given us. The print presses we have access to have given our designs crisp, vividly coloured birth onto silky high GSM cotton blanks that trounce your favourite fashion brands - at a fraction of the price. Compared to our previous US suppliers - we cannot wait to impress you with our improvements. Our heavyweight oversized collections cascade off the shoulder with a fantastic drop stich, and our normal fit tees crisply hang around the body. They transform any outfit you chuck it on with. 

Further adpating our business model, we are able to ship directly from these suppliers to the USA because of the improvements in logistics over the last half a decade. Now, we are able to save on ecological impact by shipping once - from supplier to customer - instead of from factory-to-warehouse-to-western country-to-warehouse-to-customer country warehouse-to customer, the supply chain most store which handle in bulk inventory use. 

With that, we leave you with a quote as you keep turning heads with prints that have lept to life from decades past:

'Fashion changes, but style endures.' - Coco Chanel.